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If you’re an Internet Marketer and want to use YouTube videos, but hate the videos that show up afterward and distract your customer to other places and want to remove the logo then this software Monkey Playr, could be a great alternative.

Here is my review on the ‘new’ Monkey Playr video software…


With Monkey Playr you can add any video from YouTube to your website or blog with all the COOL (and usually paid) features the BIG VIDEO HOSTING COMPANIES OFFER- FOR FREE!

Here are some of the “STANDARD” features:


It allows you to show the visitors the whole video or just a specific section by using start & stop timers.


You can make your video ‘autoplay’ by just clicking a button.


You can un-brand the player with ‘Modest Branding’ option which removes the YouTube logo from the player.


You can have your video ‘loop’ after they finish if you choose to.


You can add HTTPS to your videos and give them the added security if you have them on “payment or card pages”.


You can also click a button to ‘force’ 720/1080 HD so all your videos look great!

Just think…you won’t have any more hosting fees if you can use YouTube and just customize the players with Monkey Playr!

Monkey Playr is also Compliant with YouTube Terms, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Here are some other things you can do with Monkey Playr:


– Set The Precise Width & Height Of Your Video Player
– Set Your Video Player To Full Responsive Mode
– Disable Any Dropdown or Video Information Boxes
– Disable All Annotations (Even Those Set By The Owner)
– Disable Full Screen Playback & Player Controls

And you can also use your own MP4 videos that are self hosted stored on your webservers or in the cloud with services like Amazon S3.

As a Bonus: You also get access 100% free with your purchase today, Exclusive Bonus Webinar Replay of “Discover How To Get All The Traffic You Need To Bank $1k+Commissions!”


Monky Playr is also cloud based technology, so you don’t have to worry about installing anything.

Just log in, copy and paste in your YouTube link/mp4 links and set your settings the way you want them.

Finally, just paste the new code on your webpage or blog.
It’s that simple!

Monkey Playr also has some upgraded features that you can purchase such as:

Pro Upgrade:
– Which allows you to watermark your videos.
– Add in call to actions

Mail Gate Upgrade:

This allows you to emmebed and actual Opt-in from inside the video where they can opt it.
Intergrates with popular autoresponders such as: Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign.

And the last UpGrade is a “Crash Video Marketing Course.”

And of course you can use Monkey Playr with all your favorite site building Tools…


Here is some Frequently Asked Question:


Hope you enjoy my review and found it helpful.

Ronnie Rokk Smith ~ The Faceless Guru

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