Affiliate Trax Review + Bonuses worth $32,971

Affiliate Trax is finally here. This software not only tracks all of your commissions and sales, it also helps build your buyers list at the same time…Plus you get Hands-on-Training from two 7 figure earning guru’s that show you step by step how they make a good living online…Oh…and I’m throwing in Bonuses worth $32,971! Interested? Keep reading…

Affiliate Trax is an amazing new “Affiliate Tracking Software” that will pave the way for tracking you affiliate commissions and building your new found buyers list on the fly.

It’s the most complete system for making money promoting other people’s products that I’ve ever seen to date.

With the release of Affiliate Trax, it SOLVED on of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS that affiliate marketers have these days, and that is building your buyers list as you promote other people’s products.

Inside of Affiliate Trax there is also step-by-step training on how to use the software.

But here’s the best thing yet!

You not only get this great software you also will get “Hands-On” Training from two 7 figure a year earners “Brett Rutecky”, and “Mike Thomas” also know as “Mike from Maine”

In Affiliate Trax software you will get in-dept video training with each of them to show you exactly how they run their own business to achieve this kind of status online.


Here is my video review on this product for more info.

Oh, one more thing before i forget…

I liked this product so much that I bought rights to resell it (Resell Rights No Longer Available)!

But, I also wanted to add to the product.

Now, everyone knows that you need to create your own products, if you want to get more sales online and build up your authority figure in whatever niche you are promoting.


I decided to give out some bonuses that would do just that, not only 1 product to sell but how about 73?

And a HUGE PACK of articles (7,815)…

I composed all the best of the best e-books and articles that I had in my possession and packaged them up to give to you when you buy this product from me.


Bonuses worth a total of $32,971 <==This are PLR products, that means you can change them, put your name on them, resell them, what ever you want to do with them. You just can’t give them away.

You can however, use them like I am here, as a bonus to another product you are selling. But what I would do is, add to them by adding your own spin on the products, so they won’t be just be the same content floating around. These are also excellent to use to help build your list as lead magnets!

So what are you waiting for?

Pick up your copy right now!

Thanks for you time and interest,
I’m The Faceless Guru and I’m outtie!!!!

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I've been Marketing for over 20 years now. At this time in my life I'm trying to help others build up their businesses, so they can start living the good life to with more free time for their family and friends.
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