YouTube Video V/S Facebook Video – Which is better for advertising on Facebook?

Ok, so this Case Study is going to give you some tips to consider when doing Facebook ‘BOOST’ for your ads. Continue reading

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Monkey Playr Review + Bonus Product

Get Monkey Playr software here:

If you’re an Internet Marketer and want to use YouTube videos, but hate the videos that show up afterward and distract your customer to other places and want to remove the logo then this software Monkey Playr, could be a great alternative.

Here is my review on the ‘new’ Monkey Playr video software… Continue reading

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Using Twitter As a Marketing Tool

If you don’t want to wait til next weeks show to find out about Profit Canvas you can check it out here:

Hey there The Faceless Guru Here, and today we are going to be learning about…
Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter is often considered a social networking tool, which it is –
but it can also be used to market your business.

Here are some tips on how to use this medium as a marketing tool
Continue reading

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Affiliate Trax Review + Bonuses worth $32,971

Affiliate Trax is finally here. This software not only tracks all of your commissions and sales, it also helps build your buyers list at the same time…Plus you get Hands-on-Training from two 7 figure earning guru’s that show you step by step how they make a good living online…Oh…and I’m throwing in Bonuses worth $32,971! Interested? Keep reading… Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Video Enigma

3d 3D Video Enigma Is changing the way we market online. In this day and age, to market effectively you have to give your audience something new and fresh to stand out from everyone else. And 3d Video Enigma is just the tool to help you do it! Continue reading

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Why You Should Have A Mentor

Mentoring If you are struggling in your IM business it could be mainly relevant to the fact that you don’t have a mentor.

Mentors are very important to your overall success when it comes to making the right decisions to further your intelligence on the right path.


Continue reading

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How To Manage Your Facebook Ad Spend

FB Ad SpendThere are a few things that you need to think about before you spend a butt load of money on a Facebook Ad.

Well…actually any ad that you promote anywhere needs to be taken into consideration for that matter.

So, here are some guidelines that you should follow: Continue reading

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How Many Times Have Your Advertising Efforts Failed?

burning moneyHow many times have you spent money on an ad somewhere and got absolutely no ROI? lol!

The Faceless Guru Raises his hand! Guru with hands up trans Continue reading

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How To Build Your Brand And Recognition In The IM Industry

BrandingThere is no doubt that building your brand is an important factor in the IM niche.

In fact, it could mean the difference between making a few sales per month V/S making Thousands of sales a month.

Think about it like this…if no one knows who you are, then how are you going to sell anything in the first place. Continue reading

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How To Start Getting Subscribers

Sign-UpWhen you are first getting started it almost seems impossible to get new subscribers.

Whether you’re trying to get people to join your email marketing list or trying to get people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel it really doesn’t matter!

The key factors to remember when trying to get anyone to subscribe are simple. Continue reading

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